float-happy viewer

Name: float
Medium: steel chain and painted hollow steel spheres
Location: Richmond, BC

A City grows in population and cultural sophistication in the inexorable context of change. Embraced by the flow, we are unconscious of the dynamics of our place until we encounter something fixed against which to measure our movement.
float is a sculptural arrangement of hollow balls supported on solid posts of welded, heavy-guage chain. Accustomed as we are to the use of chain in the maritime environment, the piece will create the illusion of buoyancy causing the balls to appear to float.
Located on the landscaped boulevard, float will exist in dialog with the street-trees and lamp standards. Constructed from durable materials, float will provide infrastructure for ad- hoc children’s games, a leaning post or a secure bicycle rack for the adjacent businesses.
The piece is deliberately open-ended, blending benign and sinister metaphors, celestial and microscopic scales, harsh environmental predictions and nostalgic childhood pass- times.